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Under the scheme Deposits will be accepted for a fixed term ranging from 14 days to 10 years. Interest amount earned on your deposit amount will be reinvested at quarterly rests.

Loan /overdraft facility:

Depositors can avail a loan/overdraft against your deposit. Ellaquai Dehati Bank provides loan / overdraft up to 85% of your deposit amount with accrued interest at nominal rate i.e. 1.50% p.a. over and above interest rate allowed on deposit A/c. While continue to earn interest, the depositor can meet his/her urgent financial requirements. Compounding / Flexible / Timely Payment of Interest Under our Special Term Deposit Scheme, interest accrues in your account and gets compounded quarterly. Besides, the Bank assures timely delivery of the proceeds of your deposit with interest, on maturity.

Premature Withdrawal:

Premature withdrawal of deposit is allowed, “in case of premature closure of Time Deposits without renewing them for a period longer than the remaining period of the deposit, a penalty of 1% will be levied on the interest rate for the contracted period/ the interest rate for the period for which the deposit has remained with the bank (prevailing at the time of issuance) whichever is less. There will be applicable to all time deposits of all amounts.