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It has been about 4 years since my taking over as the Chairman of Ellaquai Dehati Bank. The past 4 years have been challenging and professionally satisfying as I have been able to witness this institution take a long stride towards becoming a inclusive and growth oriented organisation. Despite various external challenges right from 2019 we have managed to put up a reasonably good performance during these years. This has been possible through the hardwork and dedication of every staff member both at operational as well as controlling office levels. While there is a lot more to achieve, we can take strength from the fact that these 4 years have really been transformative in every aspect . From a total business of ₹1447.97 cr in 2019, we have reached a total of ₹ 1925.97 cr as on date. Similarly the Gross NPAs have reduced from 17.27 to 14% while net NPAs have declined from 8.46% to 7.94%. The CD ratio of the bank has increased from 39.55% in 2019 to 45.91% as on date while the bank also manged to book an operating profit of approx ₹21 cr during FY 2020-21. Pertinently, we have diversified our Advances portfolio during these years and have rolled out exciting products like Gold Loan, Housing Renovation Loan, Express Credit et al. This has not only improved our interest income but has also been a game changer by attracting more & more customers towards availing the benefit of these schemes.

It is noteworthy to mention that the bank has been conscious of its duty towards the society and our performance in enrolments under Social Security during these years is a testament of that . From a total enrolment of 36270 customers under Social Security Schemes in 2019, the numbers have improved to 89507 as on March 2022. Similarly, the no. of PMJDY accounts have increased from 70886 in 2019 to 134496 . The graph of our performance in Cross Selling has also seen a marked improvement, having increased from ₹1.76 cr in SBI GENERAL INSURANCE during FY 2018- 2019 to 2.78 cr during FY 2021-22 .Similarly the business has improved from ₹64.88 cr in SBI LIFE INSURANCE during FY 2018-19 to ₹ 2.02 cr during the previous FY. This manifold increase in business in these parameters is proof enough of the concerted efforts that have gone into achieving this feat.

The figures, though modest, however don’t reflect the actual hardwork and effort that has gone into achieving the momentum that the bank has gained during these years . Despite extreme operational difficulties, we have managed to increase the footprint of our bank in the remotest of locations across the length and breadth of this Union Territory. With an increase in customer base from 326178 to 377373as on date , these years have witnessed a growth in the trust & confidence reposed by the people in the bank which though can’t be measured in absolute terms but have been the fulcrum around which the entire transformation ecosystem of the bank has revolved so far.

As we move ahead, my sole aim is to make this institution a profitable institution with every business unit contributing towards the profitability, growth and efficiency of this organisation. However that will require our unwavering dedication and continuation of the hard work done so far. With a young and energetic workforce at our disposal, this dream is well within our reach and it is about team that we claim what we deserve. I on behalf of the entire Team EDB resolve to work steadfastly towards fulfilling this dream and making this institution an epitome of transformation & an example worth emulation in the days ahead.

I would like to thank every single staff member of Ellaquai Dehati Bank for extending their cooperation to me during these eventful years and to the public at large for continuing to keep their faith in us. The journey will continue and we will keep on marching towards a better, brighter & securer tomorrow for all of us.

(Arshad ul Islam)