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Cheque Truncation is the process of stopping the physical movement of cheques.

As per the amended Negotiable Instruments Act 1881, in cheque truncation, the movement of the physical instrument is stopped and replaced by electronic images and associated MICR line of the cheque. Ellaquai Dehati Bank offers CTS Cheuque under the domain of Axis Bank Lts.


  • Faster clearing cycle
  • Better Customer Service - Enhanced Customer Window T+0 for Local Clearing and T + 1 for inter-city clearing.
  • Faster Realization and Credit

Positive Pay System (PPS) for Cheque Truncation System

In order safeguard the customer and to make the Cheque Payment with added security features Reserve Bank of India has announced to implement the Positive Pay System for Cheque Truncation System (CTS) w.e.f. January 01, 2021.

As per concept of Positive Pay System, the issuer of the cheque submits certain minimum details of that cheque like Cheque Number, Cheque Amount, Cheque Date, Payee/Beneficiary Name to the drawee bank.

Positive Pay System will be available for all account holders issuing cheques for amount of Rs.50000 and above. Availing of this facility will be at the discretion of the account holder. However, only those cheques which are compliant with instructions of Positive Pay System shall be accepted under dispute resolution mechanism at the CTS grids.

The customers may avail the facility of Positive Pay System (PPS) by submitting the desired details of the cheque issued by him/her through Positive Pay Application of Ellaquai Dehati Bank available on Google Play Store.

Please note that Positive Pay details are to be submitted 1 working day prior to cheque presentment/clearing date.

Usage of Positive Pay System has been made mandatory from 04th April, 2022 for the cheque of Rs. Ten Lacs and above presented in clearing. Customers are requested to submit details of cheque of Rs.10 Lacs and above in Positive Pay System before issuing for payment to avoid the rejection of such cheque presented in clearing.