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Savings Bank Account helps you to save your earnings whenever you receive them to meet your future financial requirements. Savings Bank accounts also helps you to receive your salary, pension, scholarships, proceeds of developments schemes etc., your savings with our Bank is safe, earn moderate interest and also will be liquidated whenever you need/desire.


All Individuals, including minors aged 10 years & above (Minors should be able to write and read), HUF, NRIs, Trusts. (Singly or Jointly). SB A/c’s will not be opened for Business purpose.

Stipulated Quarterly Average Balance:

Customer has to maintain minimum balance ₹ 1000.00 per quarter. Depositor can access his/her account from any branch of our Bank with certain limitations. Bank provides account transfer facility from one branch to another without changing the account number.

Mode of operation:

Single/ joint

Joint A/cs can be opened with any one of the following modes of operation:

  • Jointly
  • Either or Survivor
  • Former or Survivor
  • Any one among the Joint A/c holders
  • Any two or three (Joint A/c holder are 3 are more than
  • Jointly or Survivor.
  • Later or Survivor
  • Any other type

Cheque Book Facility:

Up to 25 Cheque Leaves in a calendar year will be issued free of cost to SB A/c holders. Additional cheque book leaves will be issued by charging Rs.3.50 +GST per cheque leave.

Standing Instructions Facility:

Standing instructions for remittances of insurance premium, Loan installment, rent and similar payments will be carried out. (Standing instructions charges: ₹ 150/- + GST Per instruction and remittance charges & actual postage if any)

Tax Deduction at Source (TDS):

TDS is applicable as per Income Tax Rules.

Number of accounts:

Normally, a customer will not be allowed to open more than one SB A/c. However, the customers can be permitted to open other accounts in the joint names.

Other Important Terms & Conditions:

  • Interest will be credited to the a/c at quarterly intervals i.e at the end of June, September, December and March months, calculated on daily products basis. (The day end balances in the account will be considered for the purpose of calculation of interest)
  • If there is no transaction by the account holder in the account continuously for 12 (twelve) months, the account will be classified as a “dormant’,
  • If there is no transaction by the account holder in the account continuously for 24 (twenty-four) months, the account will be classified as a “in-operative account’,
  • Where upon further debit transactions are not permitted in the ordinary course. A request for activation of the account has to be made by the customer by submitting latest proof of address. No charges will be levied for activation of “dormant/in-operative account’.
  • Special instructions like Standing Instructions, Stop payment instructions, issue of Cheque books etc. must be communicated to the Bank in writing. Otherwise, it shall not be binding on the Bank to comply with such instructions.
  • When the SB A/c holder requests for transfer of his account from one branch to another branch, he should handover the unused Cheque Book leaves to branch while making such requests.
  • In case of SB A/c’s where Cheques are frequently dishonoured for want of sufficient funds, those accounts will be closed at the discretion of the Bank.