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National Automated Clearing House (NACH) is a centralized system, launched by NPCI for facilitating interbank high volume debit/credit transactions, which are repetitive in nature in electronic mode. This is the upgraded version of Electronic Clearing Services (ECS) at National level.

Mandate Management System - MMS allows banks to accept, digitize, process and send the mandate to other banks for acknowledgment and registering customer instruction to debit his account with other bank through NACH. After acknowledgment by the other bank each mandate is allotted with Unique Mandate Reference Number (UMRN). By quoting the UMRN number on specified intervals bank claims the fund from other bank and credit the same to customer account.

Process & Advantages

  • Customers who are having operative / Salary account with other bank but want to transfer fund to any account with Ellaquai Dehati Bank on regular interval can submit a mandate to us.
  • We will send your digitized mandate to other bank for acknowledgment.
  • On acknowledging the mandate bank will claim and credit the specified amount to your account with Ellaquai Dehati Bank at prescribed interval shown in your mandate..
  • Customers who are having a loan account with us but maintaining operative / Salary account with other bank can easily remit regular installments automatically without any extra effort.
  • Each mandate is uniquely identified by Unique Mandate Reference Number (UMRN) which makes tracking of multiple mandate details easier for customers.
  • Simplification of the mandate acceptance and its processing.
  • Standardization and digitization of mandate leads to reduced operational cost.
  • Secure and safe movement of funds.
  • Time taken to activate the Mandate is very minimal.
  • Automated processing and exchange of mandate information electronically with well-defined timelines for acknowledgement / confirmation.