Chairman's Message

Sh. Arshad-ul-Islam

It is a great pleasure for me to assume the responsibility as Chairman of Ellaquai Dehati Bank, a premier Regional Rural Bank of Jammu & Kashmir State in the last quarter of the financial year and this brief period has given me enough reasons to derive satisfaction to the effect that this institution is provided with ample opportunities for sustained business growth, while at the same time able to serve as a financial vehicle for development of economy of the rural Jammu & Kashmir.

I could make out from the first hand experience of my short stint that this Bank has survived through very odd times which speaks of its inherent capability to bounce back with hope & promise of deliverance. Spread over 13 out of 22 districts of this state the Bank has good outreach in two regions, which are very different from one another in climate, topography, demography. We have also the advantage of being sponsored by the Country’s largest Bank, State Bank of India. As human capital is of a great significance in running of an organization or a system, we have a perfect blend of experience & youth in the Bank with around 75% staff in the age group of 25-35 years. Sensitization of staff at all levels is being undertaken on priority with a view to build up a strong system for achievement of the extraordinary levels. One of the major developments during the year 2018-19 in the history of RRBs has been the implementation of pension scheme for the retired staff. The scheme, like all other RRBs has been implemented in the Bank as well, despite impacting the financials of the Bank to a great extent

Unfortunately, this institution is unique in having innumerable operational difficulties & constraints which other RRBs of the country are not faced with. The Bank had virtually collapsed in 1990 with the onset of militancy when more than 50% staff had to move out of the operational area which was then confined to only 4 districts of Kashmir valley. Regaining its lost ground in the late nineties of the 20th century, this institution started spreading its wings with a hope to take off again & fly in the economic sphere of the state. These revival chances again got setback with the resurgence of militancy in the state. The disturbed conditions & frequent shutdowns had adverse effect on the Bank’s functioning barely allowing it to keep the doors of the branches open. In 2014, floods wreak havoc in the valley but the Bank despite huge constraints came out of this crisis as well. In 2016 due to turmoil, most of the branches in South Kashmir remained closed for a straight stretch of 5-6 months dealing a great blow to the Bank. These branches were manned by the staff hailing from outside the state.

I express my gratitude to the Managing Director, Sh. Dinesh Khara, The Chief General Manager, Sh. S P Singh and General Manager (RRBs), Shri S. Ganesan for reposing confidence in me & entrusting me with the responsibilities of heading an RRB which is unique in so many terms. Their continued support & guidance shall serve as a beacon light for shaping the future of the Bank.

I also thank each & every member of the staff for their support, commitment to work & giving their best to the Organization. Lastly, I thank all the customers of the Bank for reposing confidence in the Bank & giving us the opportunity to serve them.

From day one, my priority has remained to improve the systems & procedures in the Bank besides exploring different avenues of business.

Having dedicated myself 24*7 to the institution, today, I take a pledge to make the Bank in real sense the most preferred rural financing institutions of the state.

  • God bless you and your family.
  • With warm regards,
  • Arshad-ul-Islam
  • (Chairman)

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